Hi! My Name is Joe

Who I am

Grew up immersed in a small, family-owned, retail business. Learned cultural agility during 3 years in Peace Corps in West Africa. Honed economic and statistical analysis skills at University of Missouri. Building an online diamond and jewelry appraisal system.

My Previous Experience

Founder at SellMy.Jewelry

  1. Developed a Ruby on Rails web application to help people get online jewelry appraisals
  2. Built an algorithm to predict the prices of fine jewelry on the secondary market using R statistical programing
  3. Applied statistical methods to understand pressing economic and policy issues relating to the jewelry industry
  4. Buyer of fine jewelry from individuals. This process includes assessment and appraisals of gemstones and diamonds.

Economics Research at Mizzou

  1. Advanced Research related to the environmental, energy, and agricultural economics. Organized and taught
  2. Organized and taught university-level courses on subjects relating to agricultural risks and food systems
  3. Applied statistical methods to understand pressing economic and policy issues relating to agriculture
  4. Obtained grants totaling over $80,000 for research and teaching on agricutlural risks and food systems

Marketing Gopher at Dolgins

  1. Created, implemented, and analyzed the effectiveness of strategies to grow profitability of my father’s retail jewelry business which has resulted in a 115% growth in sales over a 3 year period
  2. Developed and maintained website and online store including increasing web traffic by 5 times in 1 year
  3. Designed and monitored marketing campaigns including Adwords, E-mail marketing, and direct mail
  4. Assisted with operations of the business on a part-time basis including selling and buying fine jewelry

Volunteer with Peace Corps

  1. Gained insights into cultural differences by living and working in a remoted West African village
  2. Aided a Cape Verdean micro finance institute in opening a new branch location on a remote island, grew it into the leading micro lender on the island, and maintained a 97% repayment rate for our loan portfolio
  3. Initiated, designed, secured funding, and impletmented Peace Corps Global Initiatives projects such as life-skills youth camps, renovation of a school garden, agricultural trainings, and efficient stove trainings

My Skills

Statistic Software including R and JMP 70%
Web Development and Marketing 80%
Economic Analysis 88%
Adobe CS CC 55%
Community Development 53%

My Education

University of Missouri

Master of Agricultural and Applied Economics 2013

  • Frank Miller Award for Outstanding Graduate Student; GPA: 3.8/4.0
  • Peace Corps Fellow, Research Assistant, and SARE Graduate Student Grant Recipient
  • Thesis Topic: Modeled the profitability of perennial grasses for bioenergy versus annual grain crops to demonstrate at how risk and insurance affected the planting decision

Boston College

Bachelor of Arts in Economics and History 2007

  • Selected Coursework: Capital Markets, Financial Accounting, Tax Economics, Business Law; GPA: 3.5/4.0
  • Appalachia Volunteer
  • Studied at University College London

Latests Works

Some Recent Projects

Here are a few my favorite ongoing and past progects:


Dolgin's Web Presence


Shacksbury Ciders

Perennial Grass Production

Peace Corps Projects

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I would love to know if I can help you on a project in or around Denver, CO.


Project Overview

Develop a resource to help jewelry consumers know the value of their fine jewelry and diamonds.

Project Details

I built an online jewelry appraisal platform. This web application uses advanced statistics to give you an estimate of what your fine jewelry and diamonds are worth. Consumers get value estimates instantly and completely online assuming you know some basic information about your piece.

Project Overview

Create and maintain a website that attracts customers to a jewelry studio.

Project Details

This endeavor pulled me into developing. My dad and I made a pact to maintain our website in-house in an attempt to reduce costs and properly reflect the business. A few years down the road, we have learned quite a bit. Now, the web presence attracts clients daily to the small jewelry studio. For the best jewelry store in Kansas City, visit us.

Project Overview

Develop a wholesale diamond pricing application for the jewelry industry.

Project Details

My first advanced Ruby on Rails application is a basic web application that predicts diamond prices for the wholesale jewelry industry based on an algorithm I developed. It is quicker and more accurate than any competitor. Learn the wholesale diamond price.

Project Overview

Website Management, Sales, and More.

Project Details

In 2013, my younger brother cofounded a craft cider company based in Vergennes, VT. Shacksbury craft hard apple ciders are the best. I help with some Colorado sales, website maintenance, and graphic design.

Project Overview

Bioenergy from perennial grasses are a potential source of renewable energy in Missouri.

Project Details

Agricultural economists and soil scientists received a grant to explore possibilities for bioenergy in Missouri. That grant paid my graduate assistantship and started my research into the topic. The research focused on how government policies including crop insurance affect cropping decisions and direct producers towards growing corn and soybeans. My work also included agronomic work growing switchgrass, miscanthus, corn, and soybean.

Results of my research are published here.

Project Overview

After immersing myself in Cape Verdean culture and learning to speak their version of Portugueuse, I organized a number of secondary projects.

Project Details

My primary work assignment as a PCV was with ASDIS, a local micro-finance institute, and another community-based organization. In addition that work, I orchestrated a few projects including youth summer camps, agricultural trainings, and school garden renovations. A few of my projects including trying to make peanut butter failed, which was a good learning experience but still irks me.